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How to Cure a Diaper Rash

Remedy for Diaper Rash

A newborn baby may need his or her diaper changed 10 to 15 times a day, and diaper rash is something that parents hate to see on their babies, but it's also something that many parents have to deal with. Diaper rashes can be caused by various skin disorders or irritants, and it is a red rash in the diaper area. There are various causes of diaper rashes such as having a soiled diaper on for too long; skin irritation from dampness of urine or bowel movements;  prolonged exposure to wetness; allergic reaction to soaps, perfumes, or oils; or a yeast infections spread from the stool.

Tips for Changing a Baby's Diaper

  • Put your baby on a flat, safe surface such as a change table, crib, or on the floor
  • Wash hands before and after diaper changes
  • Wipe the diaper area with a warm washcloth, or a non-perfumed baby wipe
  • When cleaning baby girls, wipe from the front to the back to prevent germs from the stools getting into the urinary tract.
  • When wiping boys, do not pull the foreskin back. Simply wipe the area well and also clean from front to back.
  • Pat the area dry before putting on a new diaper

The best cure for diaper rash is to simply avoid it. Below are some helpful tips to help your baby avoid getting diaper rashes:

  • Change the diaper often to keep the skin dry and fresh
  • Do not keep the skin covered in damp or poopy diapers
  • After bowel movements, wash the baby's bottom with warm water and dry well before putting on a new diaper
  • Avoid using perfumed baby wipes
  • With cloth diapers, you may want to do an extra rinse when washing, or use antibacterial product or vinegar
  • Wear lose clothing for the baby that allows good air flow
  • "Air" your baby several times each day. After a diaper change, keep the diaper off for 10 to 15 minutes to let the skin in the diaper area get some fresh air.

What is best for Diaper Rash?

Probably the most effective home remedy and treatment for diaper rash is to simply do without the diaper. Of course, this may not be all that practical as it will create big messes for the parents. However, airing your baby's diaper area often throughout the day is the next best thing. Try to air your baby for 15 minutes every 2 to 3 hours. Keep the affected skin dry and let it air out. When putting on diapers for a baby, make sure the skin is thoroughly dry.

Avoid using baby wipes that contain alcohol when your baby has a diaper rash. These will irritate the skin further and worsen the diaper rash. After a baby has had a bowel movement, the best thing to do is wash the diaper area with warm water, but do not use any soap. Wash the area well, and pat nice and dry with a soft towel. The time after a baby has had a bowel movement is a great time to air your baby. You don't have to worry much about the baby having another bowel movement, and you can use some extra absorbent towels if your baby urinates.

There are also various creams for diaper rash that you can use. For persistent and severe diaper rash, your doctor may prescribe an anti-fungal cream or a hydrocortisone cream. Avoid using baby powders or cornstarch when your baby has a diaper rash - these can build up on the skin, hold moisture, and may also help bacteria grow. It's probably best to avoid using powders altogether - a puff of powder near the face can cause choking or breathing difficulties for the baby.

We've had our fair share of diaper rashes and other skin rashes with our children. Using tiny amounts of hydrocortisone prescribed by our family doctor has worked really well for us when the rash is severe; however, in most cases, when the rash isn't so bad, a good old fashioned "airing out" the diaper area works wonders to remedy the diaper rash.

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