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3 Weeks Old Baby Development

Your Baby at 3 Weeks Old

It has already been 3 weeks since your baby has come into this new world, and you and your partner are getting a real hang of things. Even so, sometimes a crying baby will drive you up the wall and make your yank at your own hair non-stop! At times like these, you need to take a break, and take a real deep breath and take things in strides. And it is exceptionally helpful if you can alternate with your partner in caring for a crying baby.

our son @ 1 week oldSometimes, you really need to listen to the cries of your baby, and soon enough you'll get a good hang on what type of cry your baby is giving off. By this time, your baby could have different cries for communicating different needs. For example, high pitched, loud cry accompanied with finger sucking, or mouth making sounds could mean your baby is hungry. Of course, every baby is unique, and you'll need to pay close attention to the cries of your baby. By being attentive and closely observing your baby's cry and behavior, you can quickly develop a system of "knowing" whether it's a hungry cry, a bored cry, or a dirty diaper cry.

Crying and Colic

Persistent crying can start to develop around this 3 week mark. Colic babies typically can cry for several hours on end, and this could last up to three month. However, one interesting study found that non-breastfed babies are 1.86 times more likely than breastfed babies to develop colic. [1] How's that for another great reason to breastfeed your baby! Not only will your baby get better nutrition, he or she will be far less likely to develop colic, which makes your life a whole lot easier. A well fed baby is a happy baby.

Infants during this period can also start to develop some skin flaws such as reddish zits, white heads, and cradle cap. Not to worry here, since most of these skin issues are temporary, and will usually go away on their own. Your baby may also develop some diaper rashes.

At three weeks old, your baby is also much more alert and has a bit longer waking time than when they first came home. You will have a much more interesting time with your baby during this period as your baby will have alert periods where their eyes are open and looking at everything around them, and they begin to respond to voices. But things only get more interesting as your baby grows.

Your baby will also enjoy a lot of skin contact. Holding your baby without a shirt close to your chest can be very soothing for your child. But when you do this, make sure the room temperature is slightly warmer such that your baby stays warm without clothing.

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