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9 Weeks Baby Development

How Your Baby Grows

No doubt that taking care of a 9 week old baby boy or girl is tiring and exhausting for the parents, especially the mothers, but nothing else in life can give you so much frustration and joy at the same time. All those poopy diapers, burped up milk over your shoulders, and the occasional pee in the face while changing diapers! But how about those cute smiles huh?! Or how about the irresistible coos and gurgles?! At Nine weeks old, your baby sure is growing fast, and the biggest reward of all right now, is that your baby knows who you are!

By this time, when your baby sees your faces, hears your voices, or sees you smile, he or she will respond to you. Your baby will look at you, study your face, smile back at you, and coo and gah at you too! What can be more rewarding than to see your baby healthy and happy?

Your baby makes some incredible growth developments during the first 9 weeks of life, and here are some thing you can look for for your baby development at 9 weeks old.

Development Milestones

  • During tummy play time, your baby can lift his or her head up about 45 degrees for longer periods of time now
  • With 9 weeks of growth under your baby's belt, he or she now may be able to turn to one side or the other
  • While you can see the quick physical development of your baby's motor skills, what you don't see is the amazing growth taking place in your baby's brain. By nine weeks, your baby is learning and developing hand-eye coordination, and is also learning to recognize objects.
  • Your baby is becoming much more aware of his or her environment, and is sensitive to the changes within his or her environment
  • At this stage, your child may be developing some simple preferences for whom he or she wants to be carried and cuddled by, and may use crying as a method of communicating this to you
  • Your infant is developing a lot of physical and motor skills as well, and is probably getting pretty good at pushing from side to side, or holding on tight to different objects

You may or may not notice all these different development milestones in your child, and you may notice other developments that are not listed here. All babies are unique and will develop and grow at their own rates. There isn't a one size fits all description of babies' early development in life. As long as your baby is happy and healthy, then take the time to enjoy cuddling and loving your baby.

You should continue to give your baby a little tummy time each day. This has many benefits for your baby's development. It helps strengthen your baby's neck, back, and arm muscles, and also improves their motor skills. This can also help your baby avoid getting a flat area on the back of the head by lying in the same position for long periods of time. However, you should always place your 9 week old baby on his or her back when they sleep, and not on their belly.

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