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Fun With Trio Blocks

Let Your Imagination and Creative Juices Flow!

If you were to ask me for one and only one recommendation on a imaginative, creative, and fun toy, then it would have to be Trio Blocks made by Fisher Price. This is a set of toys that I guarantee you that even adults will love to play with. Unlike Lego, which uses tiny pieces to construct different things, Trio Blocks comes in large sized blocks in different length, and the great thing about Trio is that it adds an extra dimension of fun and creativity by including connecting sticks of different lengths and curves allowing you to create anything, as long as you can imagine it!

I can't say enough good things about this toy, as I actually love to play with it myself, and it's one of the favorite playtimes that my kids and I enjoy together. I love to build things for them to play with, and they have tons of fun helping and then playing with the blocks. The top photo is of a silly bunny ear hat with glasses that we made, and the second photo is a guitar we made.

Trio comes in many different sets with different themes. We have 3 sets - a basic starter set, a Hot Wheels set, and a Batman set. We're also planning to get the "Farm" set as well. We also have several smaller sets which cost just a few dollars each such as cars and small animal sets. We've made hundreds of different creations using the Trio blocks, and it's one of the best toys that we highly recommend for fun activities for toddlers.

With Trio blocks, when you first get it, it's natural to construct the "theme" item first, but once you're done with that, it's time to get creative and you're only limited by your creativity. It comes in blocks of varying length and shape, and it also includes connecting sticks of varying length as well. This allows you make and construct a lot of different things. The photo here shows 2 "cameras" that I made for our kids, and it's fun to pretend!

You can also make houses, buildings, vehicles, or whatever you can think of. Below is a photo of a large playground set we made. It used up almost all the pieces from the three Trio sets we had, so it was quite large. We had a slide, swings, ladders, stairs, and even monkey bars (on the other side not shown). The kids really loved playing with it. Certain Trio block sets also come with small toy figures you can play with. For example, with the batman set, we had batman, and some of the hot wheel car sets also came with small toy figures. If you look closely on the swing in the photo below, you'll see 2 little people siting facing each other.

With enough pieces, you can also make some larger, real life sized toys for kids. For example, using large pieces and wheels, we made a shopping cart that was large enough for our kids to push around the house, and do some pretend "shopping".

We have many toys around the house for our kids to play with, but it is the Trio blocks that get the most play time. When we don't have time to make something for the kids, they sit down by themselves and make all types of funky stuff that only kids can dream up. If you're looking for great toys that stimulates creativity and imagination, then we highly recommend Trio Blocks.


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