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100 Fun Activities to do With Your Toddler

Bored and Looking for Ideas?

It might be a sunny, hot summer's day, or a moody rainy day, or a bone-freezing, winter's day, and you're out of ideas of what to do with your little one. You might be out of ideas, but you've come to the right place! We're making a list of 100 fun and simple activities that you can do with your child! Some of these will be great for a hot summer's day, but not so much for a rainy day, some will be great for a snowy, cold day, while other activities can be done at any time.

1. Read a book! Read out loud, and read with dramatic voicing. Make it fun and entertaining for your child.

2. Play treasure hunt - hide different objects or treats around the house, and make the clues appropriate for your child's age.

3. Play hide and seek around the house.

4. Go to the park; play on the playground; have a picnic.

5. Teach your toddler the alphabet, and sing the alphabet song.

6. Play with Trio blocks, get creative!

7. Play paddy cake.

8. Take your child to the local library.

9. Go to a Chapters, or any book store in your neighborhood.

10. Visit a museum.

11. Count to 100, and then count backwards to 1.

12. Have a stare-down. Don't blink!

13. Try to make each other laugh with funny faces and gestures, but no making sounds.

14. Play "Simon says".

15. Have a talk - about anything and everything.

16. Make a fort with pillows, blankets, or whatever you can find.

17. Play rock, paper, scissors.

18. Play hopscotch.

19. Get outside and run around the block.

20. Play catch.

21. Make a silly drawing of each other.

22. Go blow bubbles outside.

23. Work on a puzzle together.

24. Do some gardening; plant some flowers; plant some vegetables.

25. Dig for worms in the backyard.

26. Go swimming.

27. Roll around outside in the snow and make snow angels - if you have snow.

28. Make a snowman.

29. Visit the local science center.

30. Do some pushups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups.

31. Bake a cake or cookies together.

32. Color a picture together.

33. Make a painting.

34. Play a board game.

35. Play "Spot it".

36. Clean the house and do some chores together.

37. Dig up old photos and look through them.

38. Have a pillow fight.

39. Go to a zoo.

40. Do some finger painting.

41. Make paper air planes.

42. Do some origami.

43. Play tag.

44. Fly a kite; make your own kite and fly it.

45. Take some photos of each other.

46. Cook a meal together.

47. Cut, shave, or braid each other's hair.

48. Go bowling.

49. Go for a bus ride and discover your city.

50. Play frisbee.

51. Play frisbee golf.

52. Listen to some music together.

53. Sing a song.

54. Watch a cartoon.

55. Go take a ride on the subway or sky-train.

56. Watch family videos.

57. Do some face painting and paint each others face.

58. Draw a pretend watch on your wrists, and rings on your fingers.

59. Play "20 questions".

60. Run through the sprinklers.

61. Have a water gun fight.

62. Make some water balloons.

63. Jump rope.

64. Shoot some baskets.

65. Play street hockey.

66. Go to a you-pick farm and pick your own apples, cherries, etc...

67. Go for a bike ride.

68. Play a card game - go fish, uno.

69. Find an ant hill and look at the ants.

70. Make a sock puppet and have a play.

71. Make a time capsule.

72. Look at the stars and the moon.

73. Play checkers.

74. Make some wings, wand, hat, and pretend to be fairies and wizards.

75. Give each other a back rub.

76. Play with marbles.

77. Play monopoly.

78. Write a story together.

79. Camp out in your backyard.

80. Play with Playdough

81. Count to 100 in 2's.

82. Create a scrapbook.

83. Make some homemade popsicles or ice cream.

84. Play tag.

85. Tell ghost stories with a flashlight.

86. Have a tea party and invite all your child's stuffed animals.

87. Draw a picture of your entire family together.

88. Spin around until you're both dizzy, but do it in a safe area.

89. Lie down, watch the clouds, and find shapes in the clouds.

90. Play the tic-tac-toe game.

91. Get some chalk and go draw murals on the sidewalk.

92. Play hot potato.

93. Watch a movie together.

94. Fold the laundry together.

95. Give each other a hug and a kiss.

96. Go collect one leaf from each type of tree and plant in your backyard, and put it in a scrap book.

97. Build things with Lego or Mega Blocks.

98. Play follow the leader.

99. Make a rainbow with your garden hose in the yard.

100. Make a house using all popsicle sticks.

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