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1 - One Month Baby Development

A Baby At 4 Weeks Old

How time flies... Has it already been four weeks since your baby was born?! During this first month of baby development, you've seen some wonderful changes and growth in your baby, and along the way, you'll have learned some very important new skills in caring for your child. During this time, you've probably been worried at times, elated at other times, and probably have been puked on or even peed or pooped on by your little one. But these are the special things in life that makes being a parent such a wonderful experience.

During these first 4 weeks, your baby will have gained some weight, size, and length, and should be healthy, happy, and rather plumpy by now. At the same time, your baby may have developed some cradle caps, or reddish spots and white heads on his or her skin, and these temporary conditions should take care of itself with time. During the first week or two, your baby's umbilical stump will also have fallen off.

Here we'll list some common things to look for in your baby development at one month.

Physical Development

  • During the first 4 weeks, your baby will initially lose a little weight, but that is quickly gained back
  • Neck strength is still weak by one month, and the head will flop if not supported - so always take care to ensure your baby's head is well supported
  • A four week old baby can focus eyes at 18 to 45cm
  • Will stare at high contrast images and objects, but does not reach for it yet
  • Able to recognize mother and father's voices, and is also startled at loud noises
  • Very short periods of supervised tummy time will help your baby practice and develop important motor skills such as holding their head up
  • Your baby may also have figured out by now on how to comfort themselves by sucking on their thumbs or other fingers, and if they haven't yet, they will surely soon enough

Baby At 4 Weeks Language Development

  • Your baby begins to respond to voices
  • By the time your baby is 4 weeks old, he or she will begin to make super cute, but small cooing sounds
  • Your baby will respond to you if you take the time to talk to and sing to your baby
  • A one month old baby starts to communicate with smiles, gazes, and different crying patterns

Social and Emotional

  • By about one month, your baby will be alert for 1 hour out of every 10 hours
  • Your baby knows your voices and begins to trust the caregiver
  • Your baby enjoys eye contact and also smiles at seeing familiar faces
  • Persistent crying (colic) may develop starting at the 3rd week, and can last up to the first three months or even longer in some cases
  • Your baby will enjoy being talked to, so take your time to talk to, sing to, and read nursery rhymes to your baby while he or she is awake and alert - this is a fantastic time to bond with your baby

There you have it, some one month baby development milestones to look for in the three key areas of physical, language, and social developments. There's no need to worry if you don't notice some of these in your child, or notice other developments that are not listed here. Every baby is unique, and they all develop at different rates. As long as your baby is healthy and happy, then just enjoy the precious time you have with your child.

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