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Two and a Half Year Old Milestones

Physical Development - Average Weight & Height

Two and a half year old children are typically walking, running, talking, and has a mind of their own. At this age, they can change their mind very often. You may find that your 2.5 year old toddler is very clingy at times, while at other times, he or she may be very independent. Their tastes and preferences are also constantly changing during this time, so don't be surprised to see that your child liked mashed potatoes last week, but don't want to have anything to do with it this week. We've had many these types of experiences ourselves as well!

Your child is learning many new skills during this time. For example, feeding him or herself, dressing, washing hands, and cleaning up after themselves. They are quickly developing and advancing their physical abilities as well. They are now much more stable and well balanced on their feet, and has much better start and stop control over themselves when they run. Below, we list some of the physical developments you will see in 2.5 year old child, and some of their development milestones.

  • The average weight of children between 2 and 3 years old is around 30 to 35 pounds, and the average height of children at this age is around 35 to 39 inches
  • 30 months old children have greater control of their bodies. They are able to walk evenly and steadily forward, backward, side ways, and are also able to run and stop with good control
  • As their physical abilities develop, so does their curiosity, and their desire to climb up on higher places such as chairs and sofas. Climbing can be fun and challenging, but with climbing, falls are also a possibility, so parents will need to keep a close eye on their toddlers; make sure the floor has a soft landing, and keep hard, sharp, and small objects out of the way.

  • At this age, parents can start teaching their child to help them clean up their toys and put it away. The child is able to carry things well, and can help put things away. Encourage your child to help with daily chores; involve them with setting up the dinner table; ask them to help you put things back where they belong; and teach them to clean up with you.
  • Your child may have developed enough strength and dexterity in their body to walk up the stairs one step at a time; however they will need to hold the railing or your hands.
  • A two and a half year old can now hold a crayon or marker with their fingers instead of their fist. By now, the child will have established whether they are left or right handed.
  • Children at this age can turn door knobs and unscrew lids. Keep dangerous material out of reach and ensure that doors are locked so that your child does not wander outside without adult supervision.
  • They are developing some awareness of the differences between the sexes. They can often name their own sex, and know about some of the differences between boys and girls.

As a child grow and develop, they are learning new skills; exploring their independence, and at the same time, they are testing their own and your limits. It is important to set clear and consistent limits for your child, and let your toddler know what type of behavior is acceptable and what is not. You also want to let your child know that you are genuinely interested in what they are doing - encourage them to further develop their skills and praise their efforts and accomplishments. There will be times when they want to be very independent, and there will be times when they want to be "babied". Give them room and space to grow, and cuddle, hug, and love them when they want attention from you. This all a natural part of growing up.

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