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Baby and Toddler Development

Baby Month to Month Growth

Baby at One Month
No doubt you've seen wonderful changes in your
baby during the first month, and for new parents, you're probably just getting the hang of things. Learn about 1 month development here.
Two Months Old Milestones
Crying babies can be difficult for parents to deal with, especially when the infant cries continuously for hours. Learn about colic and about 2 months baby development.
Three Months Old Development
A 3 month old infant is growing stronger and is developing his or her motor skills. A baby at this age also has improved vision and will look at everything in curiosity.
Four Months Baby Development
Read more about the physical, language, social, and emotional development milestones of 4 months old babies here.
Five Months Baby Milestones
A 5 months old infant is learning about everything that surroundings them - from sounds to sights. Learn more about their development milestones here.
6 Months Old Baby
6 Months Physical Development

6 Months Language and Intellectual Development
A 6 months old child will have roughly doubled his or her birth weight and weigh around 15 to 16lbs on average.
Follow above links for various aspects of a 6 months old baby's development.
12 Months Old Baby Physical Development
1 Year Old Social Development
1 Year Old Language and Speech Development

At age one, a toddler will have about tripled his or her birth weight
, and is developing quickly. Learn more about the growth milestones of a 1 year old child.
18 Month Old Development: Physical
18 Months Development: Social
18 Months Development: Language

A one and half year old toddler becomes much better at expressing themselves. While the weight growth slows down a bit, the child's social, language, emotional, and cognitive growth continue at a fast pace.
2 Year Old Physical Development
2 Year Olds Social Development
2 Year Old Speech & Language

The average weight of a 2 year old is around 28 to 30 pounds.
By this time, the toddler's second molar teeth may come in, and a two year old is very active - he or she will be running, doing small hops, and climbing.
2.5 Year old Physical Development
Two and a Half Language and Intellectual Development
Toddlers at this age are learning to become more independent and will attempt to do a lot of the things for themselves such as putting on their clothing, shoes, feeding themselves, or washing hands.
3 Year Old Physical Development
3 Year Old Social and Emotional Development
3 Year Old Language Development

With early parental involvement and attention, you can expect to see some wonderful cognitive and intellectual development in 3 year olds. With the proper methods and some patience, you can effectively teach a 3 year old to read.
(Children Learning Reading)
4 Year Old Physical Development
Four Year Old Social Development Milestones
Four Year Old Cognitive Development

Feelings and emotions are all part of being human, and for a 4 year old, they are really learning about displaying their feelings and emotions. Take the opportunities to teach your child about their feeling and emotions.

Baby & Toddler Videos

Toddler Reading Video
Watch a 2 year old toddler read, and see how this child's reading skill develops at 3 and 4 years old.