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Baby at Week 7 Development

Feeding Baby and Allergies

For small babies such as a 7 week old infant, spitting up small amounts of milk after feeding is very normal, and frequent hiccups are normal as well. Spitting up a small amount of milk after feeding is not the same thing as vomiting, and should not be a cause for concern. As your baby grow a little older, the spitting up will slowly go away. The same thing goes for hiccups. Many small babies will have hiccups frequently, and honestly, the hiccups probably bother the parents more than the babies. Spitting up milk and hiccups are all a part of normal baby development, and there is no need to worry as long as your baby is healthy, happy, and growing well.

Parents often like to use soothers to calm a crying baby. However, it is not recommended to give a baby soother during the first 6 to 8 weeks, especially when your baby is still learning to breastfeed. Using a soother to calm your baby can reduce their feeding frequency and thus lead to a decrease in milk production. If you do decide to use a soother, make sure to use it only after your baby's breastfeeding habits and patterns are well established. With all of our children, we agreed early on to not depend on soothers, and that worked out very well for us. None of our children used soothers, and were easily calmed even without soothers.

But it's never easy being parents, and different families will experience different issues, problems, and worries. We've also had our fair share of stress, sleeplessness, and worries over our children. I guess that's life - it's never a smooth sail as you'd like it to be, and when everything seems to be going well, it likes to throw a curve ball at you. I remember with our first daughter, there was a short period of time when I was not producing enough milk to feed her, and we had decided to supplement her with a little bit of formula to make sure she was getting enough. We had no idea that she would be allergic to dairy products, and the first time we fed her formula, she broke out all over in hives, and would not stop crying. Boy that was a scary moment for both of us. I was soaked in my cold sweats. Fortunately, by the time we got to the emergency room, the allergy had calmed down, and she was no longer crying, but sleeping soundly. Phew... =) I'm sure many parents will experience some sort of "cold sweat" moment in their lives. After I stopped breastfeeding our daughter, we used Nutramigen from Enfamil, which is a hypoallergenic formula that did not cause allergies.

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Baby at 7 Weeks Old

During a seven week old baby's development, the baby is awake more often, and is learning something new everyday. Your baby's eyesight will also have improved, and they are now able to follow and track things consistently. Your child will be able to track moving objects a little better as well. As your baby can see better and track objects better, they also respond better to your facial expressions. When you smile at your child, they will also smile back at you, and at times, he or she can be quite communicative!

Speaking of smiling babies sure brings back memories of our little ones. At seven to eight weeks old, they had these super cute baby smiles, and they sure liked to coo and gurgle. Seeing them cooing and smiling was certainly our kodak moments that were worth many hours of video recordings. I'm sure most parents can relate.

Keep up with your daily routines of tummy play time, and at seven weeks, your baby may be able to lift his or her head about 45 degrees while lying on their tummy. With the new motor skills development, your baby may also be able to roll over slightly to one side or the other. Take your time to enjoy your baby, and watch them grow day-by-day right in front of you. These are the most precious moments in life that once past, you can only reminisce upon them. So treasure every moment, and I don't think you need to be reminded to take lots of pictures and record lots of videos of your precious little one.

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