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15 Weeks Old Baby Development

Baby Bath, Weight and Height

Bathing for your baby can be a very enjoyable time for you and your baby, although early on, younger babies may not enjoy it as much, and may cry; however, as your baby get older, they'll come to like bathing more and more. There's no need to bath your baby everyday, and generally, a bath every second or third day will be more than enough to keep your baby clean and comfortable. Also, as your baby grow and develop, it becomes easier and easier to bathe for them. Below is a photo of our boy bathing.

At 15 weeks old, your baby is much bigger and sturdier, and should be enjoying his or her bath time. An average 15 week old child will weigh around 13 to 14 pounds, and measure around 24 to 25 inches. By this time, when you bath for your baby, you may find that he or she is really enjoying bath time, and is happily waving their arms about, splashing water all over the place, and when some water splashes on their face, they may get startled, and then burst into laughter! This is when your baby is really discovering how fun bathing can be, and learning about new things around them.

That's our little guy bathing in the photo above. I don't have the exact dates, but it was taken around the time he was 15 weeks old, and he was really enjoying his bath at this time. With his  upper back and head supported, he would lie the bath tub so peacefully enjoying his bath. He's nice and calm, and certainly enjoys his bath, but he sure likes to clench his fists though.

What Else You Might Expect to See

During your baby's development at 15 weeks, he or she may start laughing hard when tickled. During this time, your baby becomes more playful and much more responsive. He or she will enjoy social interaction, and are happy and eager when they see you. With much better motor skills at fifteen weeks old, he or she may wave their arms and legs in excitement when they see you, and they may even reach out their arms making the "pick me up" gesture.

Your baby can also begin to make different shapes with their mouth, and with this new development, they are able to make a variety of new sounds. They will also try to "talk" more, making all types of coo and gurgle sounds.

Your baby should also be much more sturdy by 15 weeks of age, and should be having a lot of fun during tummy time. With many more weeks of growth, your baby's neck strength is much more developed and should have no problems lifting their head up. Your baby's eyesight, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination are much improved, and will reach for objects. Your baby may also attempt to put small objects that they grab a hold of, and try to put it in his or her mouth, so it is very important that you keep all small objects that may be a choking hazard out of reach.

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