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Baby at 6 Weeks Old

The Benefits of Breast Feeding Your Child

Do you breastfeed your baby? Breastfeeding is the recommended method of feeding your baby, especially for early on development, such as a six week old baby. A mother's breast milk provides all the nutrition a baby needs, and while there has been much advancement in human nutrition and baby nutrition, formulas are still not as good as a mother's breast milk. Breast milk contains hundreds of antibodies, enzymes, and other goodies that will help keep your baby healthy and protect him or her from infections and diseases. Research has shown that babies who are breastfed has better mental development and emotional security. They have stronger immune systems, and also score higher on IQ tests.

Your six week old baby will have progressed nicely, and by this time, your child will be awake and alert for longer periods during the day. These awake periods are great opportunities for sensory development, and there are a variety of simple things you can do with your baby such as:

  • Reading a children's book to your baby
  • Reading or reciting nursery rhymes
  • Singing your favorite lullabies to your baby
  • Showing colorful objects, or putting baby toys such as a rattle in your baby's hands

What to Expect at 6 Weeks?

During week 6 of a baby's development, he or she may begin to stretch out their fingers, and may have discovered that it's soothing to suck on the thumb. Put your finger at your baby's mouth, and he or she will respond by sucking on it. This sucking reflex develops quickly during the first 6 weeks. Interesting times, indeed! You can help your baby along buy holding their small hands, and putting one of your fingers in their palms. You'll see that once they get a grip, they just won't let go. This is known as the grasp reflex.

At six weeks old, your baby's eye sight will also be better, and they'll take an interest in their surroundings. They can see a bit further, and will also be kicking and wiggling a lot more. Make sure to give your baby a little bit of tummy time each day to help them along with their motor skills development.

Your baby will also start responding to your smiles. These are a parent's favorite moments - to see your little one smile back at you, as you smile at them. At the same time, your baby will also be making a lot more cooing and gurgling sounds. Y'know, those cute sounds that you just can't get enough of, and usually make a fool out of yourself just to try to get your baby to coo or gurgle a little more. At this point in time, your baby also becomes better at expressing him or herself. They are better able to express their needs through crying, wiggling, and also through facial expressions.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that all babies are unique and will develop at their own speed. Not all babies will grow and develop at the same pace, and what's mentioned here is only to give you an idea of some of the things you can expect.

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