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Month to Month Toddler Development

1 - One Month Baby Development - Your baby is growing fast. Read about the physical, language, and social development milestones for a one month old here.

2 - Two Months Development Milestones - Infants sure grow fast. By two months of age, your child has become much more plumpy and very cuddly! Here are what you can expect from your eight week old baby's development.

3 - Three Months Old Baby Development - Find out the average weight and length of a three months old infant, and learn about their growth during this time.

4 - Four Months Milestones - Here, we list some of the different developmental milestones you can expect to see in your 4 months old baby. The different areas of development we'll cover are physical, emotional, social, and language.

5 - Five Months Baby Development - Learn about your baby's development milestones at 5 months old. Find out what you can expect from a five months old baby's development.

6 - Six Months Old Baby Development
6 Months Physical and Social
6 Months Old Language and Intellectual

By the time an average baby is 6 months old (about 26 weeks), he or she should weigh around 15.5 to 16 pounds, and measure around 26 to 26.5 inches.

12 Months Old Baby Physical Growth
1 Year Toddler Social Development
1 Year Old Language and Speech

Your baby has undergone an amazing transforming in their first year of life. By this time, he or she will have just about tripled their birth weight, and have several teeth showing.

18 Month Old Development: Physical
18 Months Development: Social
18 Months Toddler Language

The second year of life brings about enormous changes in the lives of the child and the parents. The toddler becomes very active and is developing independence and is filled with curiosity. Your young toddler is exploring through all his or her senses, and is highly interested and motivated to learn new skills, gather knew knowledge, and practice new skills.

2 Year Old Physical Growth
2 Year Olds Social Development
2 Year Old Toddler Speech & Language

A two year old toddler is very active and will be running, crawling, and climbing everywhere to explore and learn about the environment around them. Learn about the developmental milestones of a two year old child here.

2.5 Year old Physical Development
Two and a Half Language and Intellectual Development
This is an exciting time in the lives of 2 and half year old child and their parents. The child is learning to speak, and has develop an understanding of the spoken language and is able to communicate with their parents. Learn about their physical, social, language, and intellectual development here. Teach Your Child to Read here.

3 Year Old Physical Development
3 Year Old Social and Emotional Development
3 Year Old Language Development

Three year old children are developing excellent language and speech skills. Children at this age can even begin learning to read, and can develop some exceptional reading skills if taught with the proper methods.

4 Year Old Physical Development
Four Year Old Social Development Milestones
Four Year Old Cognitive Growth

As parents, we're all concerned about the growth and development of our children. Here, you can learn in detail about the various aspects of your child's growth including their physical development, social and emotional growth, and language, speech, and intellectual development.

Week to Week Baby Development

1st Week Baby Development - Discover the joys of being new parents. There's certainly lots of new stuff to learn and it's always a steep learning curve for first time parents.

2 Weeks - Many new parents will be discovering how tough it can be sometimes with new babies. You may be lacking sleep, tired, but in the end it's all worth it.

3 Weeks Old Milestones - All babies cry, but babies cry for a reason. Did you know that breast fed babies are far less likely to develop colic than non-breast fed babies?

4 Weeks Milestones - Learn about the development milestones you can expect to see for your 4 week old infant - including physical, language, and social growth.

5 Weeks - A five week old baby become more alert and will be awake for longer periods of time. Your baby knows who you are, and will even smile at you.

6 Weeks Old Baby - Did you know that mother's milk provides all the nutritional needs of infants? Studies have shown that breast fed babies achieve better mental growth and score high on IQ tests.

7 Weeks Baby Development - Many parents maybe tempted to calm down their infant with a pacifier, but it is not recommend during the first 6 to 8 weeks when your baby is learning to breastfeed.

8 Weeks Old Baby Development -Learn about the physical, language, social, and emotional development of eight week old babies.

9 Weeks Baby Growth - Taking care of babies isn't an easy task. It can be tiring and stressful at times. It often helps to have another set of hands to help you out when you need it the most.

10 Weeks Baby Weight & Height - Find out the average weight and length of ten week old babies. Learn about other aspects of your baby's growth here.

11 Weeks Baby Development - When do you start taking your baby out with you? For example, dinning out. Do you take your child with you or do you leave him or her with a baby sitter?

12 Weeks Baby Development - Well, your little one is almost 3 months old now! How time flies. Learn about the developmental milestones of twelve week old babies.

13 Weeks - As your baby grow, he or she will begin to sleep for longer periods during the night, allowing you to get better sleep and rest. What to expect for a thirteen week old infant.

14 Weeks Baby Growth - Now that your baby is 14 weeks old, you might find that your baby will get more enjoyment out of age appropriate toys.

15 Weeks Old Baby Development - A fifteen week old baby should really be enjoying their bath time, and he or she becomes much more responsive - for example, laughs when tickled.

16 Weeks Baby Development - Learn about a sixteen weeks old baby's physical, language, social, and emotional development milestones.

17 Weeks Baby Development - Baby skin care is important. Their skin is soft and tender, and can develop rash and other conditions if not well cared for.

18 Weeks - Some parents may be eager to start their baby on solid foods early; however, infants who start solid foods too early have a higher chance of developing food allergies.

19 Weeks Old Baby - Learn about the average weight and height of a nineteen week old baby. At this age, the child is much more active, and has much better motor controls.

20 Weeks Baby Development - By about 20 weeks old, your baby should be very active, and will be displaying some more development in his or her unique personality.

21 Weeks Baby Height & Weight - Learn about the development milestones for babies at 21 weeks old, and find out what you can expect.

Baby Development at 22 Weeks Old - An average baby at 22 weeks old will weigh around 15.25 to 15.5 pounds, and measure around 25.5 inches. 

Week 23 - Have you started feeding your 23 week old baby some baby food yet? Are you still deciding whether to buy store bought baby food, or simply blend your own baby food?